SUMMARY: 8MM tape for backups

From: Don Cunningham - SunExpress IR (Don.Cunningham@East.Sun.COM)
Date: Fri Dec 20 1991 - 17:07:25 CST

Fellow Admins,
  It took me awhile, but I finally found some time to summarize
my recent question, which was:

> I'm looking for some info on the number of times that a 8MM
>video grade cartidge tape can be written on before it should be
>replaced. I`ve heard that 5-6 times is the max. Any info and/or
>sources of official documentation would be greatly appreciated.

I got responses in the number of uses that ranged from 10 to 256
uses. Average of all the responses(excluding the 256, which I think
is excessive) is approx. 35 uses. General concensus was that any number
you choose should be used only as a guideline and that tape quality
be monitored closely to determine the actual lifetime of any tape.
Most people used the video quality tape rather than the more
expensive data grade cartridge. Sony was mentioned more than any
other specific manufacturer.

I intend to replace my daily incremental tape every 6 months. This
will put my usage per tape at 26. I will be using the Sony P6-120MP
video grade tape. I will gladly send anyone who requests it the
complete list of responses I received(35 in all).

Thanks again to all who responded.

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