SUMMARY: 669 hard disk crash

From: Bruce Roe (
Date: Sun Dec 22 1991 - 07:43:00 CST

Thanks and more thanks to all who responded to my posting
regarding the death of my 669mb hard disk.

The bottom line of all the responses (besides wishing me well)
    **Buy disks and memory from third parties, not from Sun**

The rational for these comments was 50% cost savings and 5 year
free replacement warrenty.

Being nieve, I initially bought a SPARCstation2 with an external
669mb hard disk/with tape backup unit. I also bought a 1.4 gb
external (also from Sun). With the university discount, the
price was very close to that available from third parties so
I went for it. The help I received from Sun's technical folks,
especially Jeff M. in Tulsa, OK. was OUTSTANDING during my initial
setup and the recent crash. I'm trying to get Sun to replace
my 669mb hd but only time will tell what happens. One thing is
for sure and that is I'll not spend $3,300 for a new 669mb disk
from Sun at this juncture. Either they give me a new disk at
no cost after only 6 months of use before the big crash or I blow
it off and investigate third party disks.

Thanks again to one and all. Have a great holliday season and a
happy new year.

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