SUMMARY: Problems with the lpd security patch

From: Jiri Dvorak (
Date: Thu Jul 18 1991 - 12:00:57 CDT

My request:

> Having installed the lpd security patch 100305-03 (CERT Advisory July 15),
> remote printing does not work correctly any more.
> The problem is: if there is at least one file in a print queue, remotely
> starting a print job to the same printer results in a print queue entry of
> size 0. The first print job is printed correctly, the other ones are ignored.
> Thus we have to wait for the print queue to empty before starting the next
> print job.
> Queuing jobs locally from the Sun the printer is connected to is ok.
> Any idea?

Besides requests for a summary I got several responses from people who
experienced the same lpd misbehaviour. Nobody reported having installed
the patch and not having the above problem.

Nobody reported having a workaround or bug fix.

I also called our local Sun Hotline. The engineer there installed the patch and
encountered the same problem. He said he'll report the bug to Sun USA.
So the problem is known at Sun, and it's probably advisable to wait
for a new patch version instead of installing 100305-03. (if you can
afford to leave the security hole open)

I'll send a followup if I get any new information.

Many thanks to all who replied.

Jiri Dvorak

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