SUMMARY: SPARCprinter, Newsprint and Font Sizes....

Date: Mon Aug 05 1991 - 15:13:06 CDT

Thanks to all who replied to my problems with the SPARCprinter and tiny
Font Sizes. All of those who replied gave the same answer. Check the
magnets on the side of the paper tray that indicate what the paper size
is. The magnets had in fact been moved. Thanks again to the following: (Doug Neuhauser)
 millidc!indigo!djm@uunet.UU.NET (Drew Montag)
 Jim Duncan <> ( Birger Wathne)
 "Ike Stoddard, x3882, rm4421C" <>
 Lew.Yobs@Corp.Sun.COM (Lew Yobs)
 rct@fid.Morgan.COM (Robert Terzi)

Thanks to Ike Stoddard for pointing me to the SPARCprinter Installation
and User's Guide. I found the "troubleshooting section" that I couldn't
find before.

Terralyn Vandetta
US EPA/Oregon State University

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