SUMMARY: GX board in a SS1+?

From: Steve Groom (
Date: Wed Aug 21 1991 - 14:36:40 CDT

The question was:

> I've got a SS1 with a GX board in it. That machine is getting being
> upgraded to a GS, and we're keeping the GX board. (Yes, I know that
> the standard GS upgrade wants the GX returned, that's been addressed
> already.) The question is, can I take that GX board and make it work in
> a SS1+? I seem to recall something about there being a GX+ that worked
> with SS1+'s, but I don't know if there was anything actually different
> about it. Has anyone done it? I know I could just try it, but I figured I'd
> at least ask first.

The answers I recieved were divided. Some said it would not work, but
some reliable sources said that it would work or that it had worked for
them. Information relayed from the Sun sales rep indicates that Sun
sold the same GX board for use with SS1's and SS1+'s. The "GX plus"
board is a different product altogether, not merely a GX for the SS1+,
but a recently announced upgraded version of the GX, offering higher
resolution and hardware double buffering.

When we do our planned massive upgrades this weekend I'll try it and see.
Thanks to all.

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