Summary: will a hi-res monitor from an old 3/60 work with a generic 4/60?]

Date: Tue Aug 27 1991 - 00:21:45 CDT

Original request for information:

> I've asked my sales suport guy from sun and he is just a wee bit slow
> in answering.

The score was:
yes: 1
no: 3
maybe: 2
want answer also: 2

The answer is YES. There was no need to do anything but plug it in
and it worked. Wonders upon wonders!

Thanks to:
Paul Graham <>
"Anthony A. Datri" <>
pilotti@Proto.SAIC.Com (Gerhard Holzer) (Maria A. Barnum) (Alexander Dupuy)

Sid Shapiro -- ASK Computer Systems, Inc. Ingres Division                              (415)748-3470

Status: OR

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