SUMMARY: what is the NeWS PostScript bug?

From: Spencer Greene (c2tech!
Date: Tue Sep 10 1991 - 17:54:57 CDT

I got a response from a Sun engineer on my question about the NeWS PostScript
bug we were experiencing. In our particular case, using output from the
Synopsys tool, both pageview and NeWSPrint generated a single blank page
instead of properly imaging the PS source.

The Sun engineer looked at a sample PS file that exhibits the problem and
verified that it images correctly under OpenWindows 3.0, which will be
available 'soon' (I couldn't get more detail than that). He suspected that
the cause of the problem under v2.0 is the scale of the numbers in the PS
file: Synopsys generates PS which first does a very small 'scale' and then
uses very large coordinates, like:

0.0005 dup scale
1e+05 dup moveto

etc. So it would be very challenging to modify the PS source, though
theoretically possible -- you'd have to scale appropriate values in the
source, being careful to modify only those which are absolute or relative
coordinates, not those which are loop or array indices, arguments for
trig operations, etc. Probably impossible to process 'pathological'
PS code in this way, i.e. code which uses the same value as both a
measurement and an index, but for well-behaved stuff generated by a
simple program, maybe not so bad. Still I don't think I'll be volunteering . . .

If anyone gets different/better info please let me know,

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