SUMMARY: Operation not supported on socket

From: Carsten Hennig (
Date: Thu Sep 12 1991 - 11:57:13 CDT

Hi Managers,

thanks a lot for the quick responses.

Yes, all of you suggested a line like 'stty ...' in .cshrc,
which should probably exist only in .login.

That was exactly my fault. Now everything works well again.

Many thanks to:

Casper H.S. Dik <>
Tim Pointing <>
Harumi Anne Kuno <>
Peter Galvin <>
Timothy G. Smith - Special Projects <tgsmith@spdev.East.Sun.COM>
Bill Cook <bcook@Kodak.COM>
Hal Stern - Consultant <stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM>
Geert Jan de Groot <philica!geertj>
Joe VanAndel <vanandel@rsf.atd.ucar.EDU>
James B. Morrison <>
Anthony A. Datri <>
Eddie Brown <eddieb@EE.MsState.Edu>
Gunnar Orvarsson <>

and thanks to anyone else whose response is in the air...

Carsten Hennig

Carsten Hennig
GMD - F2G3          Tel. ++49-6151-875889
Dolivostr. 15       Fax  ++49-6151-875818
D-6100 Darmstadt    Germany

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