SUMMARY: NFS Compatibility on Non-Suns

From: Neil Van Dyke (
Date: Sun Sep 15 1991 - 02:59:14 CDT

I had inquired about experiences with NFS on non-Suns. Following is a summary
of the responses. I've edited for space and may have introduced inaccuracies,
so send all flames to me.

  Ghastly NFS performance with Apollo DN3000 and DN10000 machines, both as
  client and as server.
Seth Robertson <>:
  RS/6000 running AIX, which can NFS mount a file system, but cannot read any
  files in it. Other people do not seem to have this problem.
Richard Elling <>:
  IBM PS/2 running OS/2 and IBM's TCP/IP package will hang if it tries to read
  more that 4 KB worth of a file. IBM blames Sun, but Ethernet traces show
  that the PS/2 was "getting lost". Workaround is to run PC-NFS under OS/2
  DOS compatibility mode.
Jon A. Tankersley <>:
  IBM claimed NFS compatibility with SunOS 4.0.3, but it is actually SunOS 4.0
  through 4.0.1 compatible. All of the direct mounts were broken. This is not
  surprising, since the 4.0 automounter was really broken.
  No problems with Apollo. Added timeo=15 to automount map to access Domain
Thanks to all who responded.
Ideally, I'd like to compose a large list, which lists specific hardware/OS/
network combination problems. Please send any more war stories to me and try
to include OS version numbers and any other relevent details.
                         Neil W. Van Dyke, ogicse!cadreor!neil, (503) 690-1586
                                            The opinions expressed are my own.

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