SUMMARY: le1: WARNING: if_snd full

From: W. Grady Campbell (
Date: Mon Sep 16 1991 - 16:49:47 CDT

I recently posted the following note:

> My SPARCstation 1 console keeps getting the message:
>le1: WARNING: if_snd full
>I also temporarily lose touch with the outside world, so this is a significant >warning. This has happened roughly four times for roughly half an hour over >the last week.

      The warning indicates that my computer is having some difficulty sending packets, and thus the output queue for my ethernet card "le1" is full. The fault is likely due to a bad transceiver, transceiver cable, or simply to an unreal amount of network traffic. The latter appears unlikely since my network neighbors haven't also had recent complaints, and my computer wasn't generating an unusual amount of traffic. I will swap transceivers (there is already one in place) at the next occurrence of th
      My thanks to Hal Stern (stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM), Timothy Smith (tgsmith@spdev.East.Sun.COM), and Don Lewis (ssigv!lewis@uunet.UU.NET) for the above information.


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