SUMMARY: SunView error: permission denied

From: Fabrice Le Metayer (
Date: Mon Sep 16 1991 - 23:17:45 CDT

In sun-managers, Wed Sep 4, 1991 I wrote:
> Some of my machines (not all of them!) exhibit the following
> behaviour. When starting suntools, the message:
> open: permission denied
> appears briefly on the screen, then suntools starts normally
> as if nothing had happened.

I received several suggestions on the cause of the problem. All of
those could have been accurate, so, I will list them all for you:

- Is the file /usr/tmp/vm_fonts-n0 missing when it starts ?

- Try using the trace command on suntools as it starts up

- Check out /var/tmp to make sure it is still world writeable.

- Check the permissions in /etc/utmp. Suntools insists on writing to
  this file when it comes up, and so it must have world write (666)

- Turn off the sticky bit on /usr/tmp.

- It might be the permissions on /dev/win0 - are you running with
  window security enabled?

- Try running trace on sunview when you start it up - you can grep for
  open calls and see what it is failing to open.

Turns out that the tip on "vm_fonts-n0" was a good indication, because
it simply wasn't there! But that file does not go into /var/tmp, but
into /usr/tmp, which, I discovered, had been unlinked by an impolite
script. So I found /usr/tmp directory (and no a link -> /var/tmp), with
a "vm_fonts-n0" and no write permission by "world". I relinked /usr/tmp
to /var/tmp and everything started working normally again.

Many thanks to: (Jim Battan) (Anthony A. Datri) (Alexander Dupuy) (John D Schneider) (John Benjamins) (J. Porter Clark) (Kevin W. Thomas) (Mike Raffety) (Margaret Mikulska)

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