Summary - 4/470 Partitions Off By Four

From: snowhit!
Date: Mon Sep 23 1991 - 18:02:48 CDT

Thank you to each of you who responded to my appeal for help. I discovered
the solution to my problem by chance on my own.

To repeat my stated problem...

> The problem in a nutshell is that IPI drive id000 does not appear to the
> operating system to be partitioned the way format(8) shows it to be
> partitioned. The other IPI drive (id001) does not appear to be affected.

The solution was to remove and remake the /dev entries for drive id000. They
were jumbled somehow. The device /dev/rid000c pointed to the minor device
for /dev/rid000g, so if I partitioned the disk so the "g" partition was the
entire drive (1631/0/0) it worked.

Several suggested that it was wrong to use the "c" partition for mounted
filesystems. This was not the problem and as far as I can tell is not a
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