SUMMARY: Turn Off Bell in vi??

From: Meg Grice (
Date: Fri Sep 20 1991 - 16:39:08 CDT


My origianl question:

>> One of my users wanted to set the error bell off in vi, but the
>> set noerrorbells option did not turn off the bell.
>> The machine is a Sparcstation 1 running SunOS 4.1.1 Rev B. Is there
>> any way to turn the bell off?

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1. Under OpenWindows, you can use the properties sheet to turn off bells.
    (This did not work for me.)

2. With xterm, use the -vb (VisualBell) option to lose bells there as well.
    (This worked!)
3. Under openlook or X11, xset b 0 0 0.
    (There was still a beep, but it was very quiet.)
4. Create a termcap for them, in which "bl=^G" clause is removed.
    (I did this for both termcap & terminfo. It works fine.)
5. Create a termcap & terminfo entry that uses the visual bell instead
    of the regular beep.
    (I didn't try this, but assume its just like option 4.)


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