SUMMARY: how set ELC PROM to boot from SCSI 2

From: Robert E. Wargaski Jr. (
Date: Mon Sep 23 1991 - 22:31:12 CDT


As promised, the summary of the responses I got regarding setting the
PROM to boot from SCSI device 2. The easiest method was using the
eeprom command:

        # eeprom boot-device=disk2

Thanks to all who responded (I even learned why the PROM was changed
:-). The responses follow my original post.



> I'd like to set the PROM of my brand new ELC to boot from SCSI device
> 2, instead of the default 0. I've poked around in the PROM help
> menus, but haven't had any luck, and the documentation which came with
> the beast is woefully inadequate.
> BTW, why did they change the boot command from ``boot
> sd(0,2,0)vmunix'' to ``boot /sbus0/esp/sd@2 vmunix''? Dingbats.


Simon Hackett <>
Carol Choy <> (John M. Blasik) ( Birger Wathne) (paul arens x.0108)

Suggested using the eeprom command.

rct@fid.Morgan.COM (Robert Terzi)

Suggested using ``setenv boot-disk disk2'' at the ROM monitor.


From: beauchem@DMI.USherb.CA (Denis Beauchemin)

I've never tried this, but I guess changing the sbus-probe-list=0123 to another
order could just do it. Otherwise, you'll get to ask the system (usinx
unixname2bootname) to give you the long and painful new form and change the
boot-from=vmunix to boot-from=the-long-and-painful-new-notation. I've tried
the last one and it worked OK on an SS2 so it should be the same on your SLC
but I think that the first one should be more elegant (and less painful).


From: stern@sunne.East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - Consultant)

the boot prom syntax changed with the OpenBoot Prom.
the reason for the syntax change is that the OBP builds
a tree of devices that it locates, and allows you to specify
a path to the boot device. this makes it much easier for
3rd parties to create new devices that are bootable -- like
new disk controllers, new network drivers (boot over desktop
FDDI??), new CD-ROM drivers, etc. formerly, if you wanted to
make a device bootable you either had to "steal and emulate"
something like the xt/xy driver slot, or hack new PROMS (next
to impossible). now you just supply a boot block when
asked and have the correct forth code support.

dingbats? hardly. i think andatco, perfect byte, exabyte,
delta usystems, sony, teac, ciprico, etc would all disagree.

as for documentation, you probably want to get an OpenBoot Prom
user's manual; call SunExpress at 1800 USA4SUN and charge one
on your visa card (you'll have it in a few days). you need to
change the default boot device/string; but i don't have my manual
here at home so i'm not going to be of any help on that part.



Read Ch. 8 of the "Special Notes on SunOS Release 4.1.1" section in the
"SunOS 4.1.1 Release & Install" manual.



Rob Wargaski, ACNS Distributed Systems Services, Northwestern University ``Colby is good.''

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