SUMMARY : 2nd swap partition

From: Eckhard Rueggeberg (
Date: Wed Sep 25 1991 - 12:09:33 CDT

The original question was how to declare a n-th swap partition
in the /etc/fstab, choosing between the various possibilities in
the manuals.

The generally agreed opinion was that they are all equivalent, because
the differing 2nd and 4th field seem to be ignored anyways, as long as
the 3rd field is "swap". For that reason, the /etc/fstab entry

          /dev/sd6b - swap - 0 0

is fully sufficient (and works fine for

Thanks to (Mark Plotnick) (Daniel Trinkle)
Shin Yoshimura <>
trdlnk! (Michael Sullivan) (G. Roderick Singleton)

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