SUMMARY: xyc1 strapping (confirmed)

From: Jim Hickstein (jxh@icdwest.ICD.Teradyne.COM)
Date: Tue Oct 01 1991 - 16:15:07 CDT

I sent an earlier summary, but did not include the details until I had
confirmed them by experiment. I now have my second xy451 running as
xyc1 once again, so, for the record, here's the dope:

>On the controller board you need to do the following:
>Install a jumper from JA-25 to JA-26 (changes address from ee40 to ee48)
>On the adapter board
>Change U12 switch 1 from on to off (Changes vector from 48 to 49)
>Change U1 switch 6 from on to off (Changes I/O address)

Just a note: I had to look on the solder side of the VME-Multibus
adapter board to find the designators for the DIP switches, and they
were numbered DIP1 through DIP12, rather than U1, etc.

Thanks again to Curt Freeland <>, and to John D.
Polstra, who sent me a fax of the details for the xy450 (as opposed to
451), as follows:

        From the Sun-3/160 Hardware Installation Manual, Revision
        A of 15 October 1985, page 66:

        "If you are configuring a second board, it should start at
        address 0xEE48: the jumper at JC4-JD4 should be out and one
        at JR4-JC4 should be in. The system can support a maximum
        of two 450 controller boards."

I think I'll ask my boss once again to spent the $900 on the hardware
maintenance manual, from which all you kind souls quote when I get in
a jam. Ironically, sun-managers' efficacy may make this impossible. :-)

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