SUMMARY: Van Jacobsen's ``Fat Pipe'' modifications...

From: Brad L. Knowles (
Date: Wed Oct 02 1991 - 17:31:05 CDT


    Sorry it took so long for me to summarise, I got busy for a while, and
then forgot that I had promised to summarise.

    Anyway, here is the info I have gotten:

    1. This code is not yet intended for general consumption -- it is
        currently intended to be used to test TCP-IP throughput, and used
        by people like Dave Borman at Cray and Van Jacobsen himself.
        Maybe some day it will be intended for general consuption, but
        that day doesn't look like its anytime soon.

        My observation is that if you are a true TCP-IP Guru (with a
        capital ``G''), or TCP-IP Speed Demon, then you might be able to
        request the stuff from Van or Dave and have reasonable
        expectations of getting their code. On the other hand, if you fit
        this mold, then you probably should have been conferring with Van
        and Dave for a long time before this and helped them write this
        stuff in the first place.

    2. It's not really any good for speeding up Local Area Network TCP-IP
        throughput -- it's meant to squeeze the last ounce out of Wide
        Area Network throughput (like two or more Ethernet LANs connected
        by a 1.5Mbps T1 link or two or more FDDI LANs connected by a
        45Mbps T3 link). If you are looking to boost LAN speed, then you
        should probably get the BSD 4.3 Reno networking code (which can be
        anonymously ftp'ed from uunet, but where it's hidden in their
        hierarchy I haven't the foggiest), or you should go to your Vendor
        and scream in their ear. Either way, the Van Jacobsen code won't
        help you too much.

    Sorry if I got any hopes up.

 Please respond via e-mail. I will summarize and re-post, if appropriate.
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P.S. I am CC:ing Dave and Van, with hopes that they will post a more
        official statement on the status of this code and its purpose(s).

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