SUMMARY: SS2GT and Openwindows 2.0

From: Carlo Tiana (
Date: Fri Oct 04 1991 - 15:54:45 CDT

In a message yesterday I wrote:

>Has anyone managed to get Openwindows 2.0 to run in color (even
>8-bit color) on a GT platform? If so, how?
>Also, it is my early impression that Phigs 1.3 does not support
>the GT framebuffer. Can anyone please tell me I am wrong?
>Thanks very much,
>Carlo Tiana.

The consensus is:
-OpenWindows 2.0 will not run on the GT; version 3.0 (which is in beta
right now) will. The product announcement is apparently "imminent".
-Phigs 1.4.1 is the minimum revision that supports the cgtwelve framebuffer
(another poster suggested Phigs 2.0 was, whose release was, again,

Ken Rossman suggested getting the MIT Xsun server patches that make it run
on the cg8/9/12 fbs. He and other also suggest getting the beta version of
OW3.0 (though by the time I do, I suspect the final version will be out, if
everyone's expectations are fulfilled).

The person who bought this machine is, shall we say, somewhat unhappy about
the fact it shipped, but none of the software works on it!

Thanks to all who replied (and to those who will, in advance):
From: Keith.Abbey@Corp.Sun.COM (Keith Abbey - TSE)
From: (Bob Cunningham)
From: Ken Rossman <>
From: mikulska@ece.UCSD.EDU (Margaret Mikulska)
From: (system administrator)

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