Korn shell summary

From: Deborah Wazir (wazir@tsd.eds.com)
Date: Thu Oct 10 1991 - 03:44:17 CDT

Here is a summary of what I found out about Korn shell for Sun. First, a

I needed the information for a proposal I'm writing for a system that would
be implemented at some point in the future, and that's why I specified SunOS
4.1.2 in my original posting. I do not have SunOS 4.1.2 now.

Thanks to the people who responded. Here are the possibilities they suggested:

1) Dial in to the AT&T Toolchest to get the source license, for about
   $US 3000.00.
   Login as guest with no passwd.

2) Aspen Technologies in NJ, at 201-316-0866. Get binary ksh for Sun for
   about $US 200.00.

3) BASH (Bourne-again shell) from GNU. Public domain, supposedly implements
   ksh capabilities such as command line editing, ksh variables, ksh history,
   csh ! type history.

4) A public domain version of KSH, built under SYSV3.2, and a set of patches
   that allow it to be built under SunOS 4.1.
   Contact: Jon Diekema, diekema@jdbbs.mi.org

SunOS 5.0 will have ksh. I was just looking for something to use in the

Thanks again --

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