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From: Michael Maciolek (
Date: Thu Oct 17 1991 - 15:12:58 CDT

Thanks, people! I've got what I needed. said:

>remove /usr/sunlink/inr/sys/sun4/OBJ/in_pcb.o before running install.inr

and (Rasesh K. Trivedi) informed me:

>From SunOS 4.1.1 release and Install Manual CHapter 11, page 11-4:
>Installing the Internetwork Router:
>You must do the following before you start building kernel.
>After extracting the software,
># rm /usr/sunlink/inr/sys/`arch`/OBJ/in_pcb.o

and two others -

        Mike Raffety <>
        Richard Kurtz <snowhit!>

quoted the same information out of a Read This First which was packed
with the 6.0 INR software.

Well, removing the INR's in_pcb.o *did* solve the problem; I rebuilt my INR
kernel with the old in_pcb.o that came with the 4.1.1 release and everything
was wonderful. Thank you for your prompt replies.

Funny thing is, there is NO Chapter 11 in my SunOS 4.1.1 Release & Install
manual; I have it right here on my desk, I'm looking right at the Table of
Contents, and I see chapters 1-10 and appendices A-G. No Chapter 11. Was
Chapter 11 stuck into the 4.1.1B shipments? Mine is Part Number 800-5480-10
Revision A of October 9, 1990.

Also, my INR is old enough that it doesn't have a Read This First about
SunOS 4.1 or 4.1.1, as it was shipped before the 4.1 release. This is
one case where R'ing the FM just didn't do any good!

One other item of interest -

Hal Stern suggested:

>remove the ifconfig -a from the /etc/rc.local
>4.1.1 (revb) does an "ifconfig -a" to let you know
>that all of the interfaces are up and running.
>in 4.1, ifconfig -a, done as root, will panic
>the system when it asks for an ethernet address
>of a device that doesn't have one (like an SDLC line).
>fixes: (a) there's a patch that fixes the bug
>(b) remove ifconfig -a from /etc/rc.local
>(c) remove /dev/nit, which is how ifconfig -a gets
> the ether address. DO NOT do this if you
> have diskless clients on this machine, or
> are running rarpd on it -- rarp uses /dev/nit
> to "hear" rarp packets.

I didn't observe this problem on my Sun-3 system. Once I had rebuilt my
kernel and booted this machine, I tried an "ifconfig -a" and it worked
without causing a panic. Perhaps this is only a problem under 4.1, and
it's fixed in 4.1.1

Anyhow, thanks again for the fast responses!

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