Summary:Request for Info on HP LserJet IIIsi w/ Ethernet Interface

Date: Tue Nov 19 1991 - 18:23:10 CST

Hello Everyone,

This is a compilation of the answers received with respect to the possibility
of using an HP HP LaserJet IIIsi. Due to the volume of requests for
sharing information, I decided to post the conclusions to the net.

        o.- The Ethernet interface is exclusively Novell. HP might do
                a TCP/IP version in the future, but it seems they've no
                definite plans on when.

        o.- It is possible to use it from Unix, if one writes an lpr/lpd
                system that talks Novell, theoretically possible, though nobody
                seems to have worked it out.

        o.- An alternative that works, is an Appletalk interface, if your
                Sun's are set up for this, or you are planning in such setup.

        o.- Another alternative, is the use of the parallel port option,
                which I understand, is slow (Approx. 10 pages/min).

        o.- A reference was made to a Sun product that suposedly allows
                a Sun host to "coexist and communicate(?)" with hosts on a
                Novell network. "Talk to your local Sun Rep".

        o.- A couple of references were made, with respect to a product
                marketed by a company called MILAN. This product is a box that
                attaches to the printer via serial port, and to the net via
                ethernet. We contacted the company through E-mail for info,
                but haven't heard from them so far. The name of the box
                is "Fastport Printer Server", and the advertised
                price (SunWorld, Nov./91) is US$899.00. Their E-Mail address

        o.- Yet another reference was made, about a company called APUnix.
                This company, from San Diego, is said to be selling Laserjets
                IIIsi's for Suns, including also an optional Sbus NewsPrint
                Interface. At this time, I don't think we've contacted the
                company. The address I have been given is:

> APUnix:
> Deborah Glick
> 5575 Ruffin Road, Suite 110
> San Diego, CA 92123
> (800) 8AP-UNIX x103

        o.- The last solution, the one we're working with at the time
                of this writing, is using the serial port option. We set it
                up initially at 9600 baud., and seemed decent. Later, we
                brought it up to 38400, and I printed a couple of manuals,
                making use of the duplex and PostScript options. It printed
                about 70 pages (35 pages, on both sides) in about 5 minutes,
                which means around 14 pages/min. The top throughput claimed
                in the manuals is 17 pages. I assume that is possible with
                plain text, or perhaps with PostScript and the network connection.
                At some point in time we had problems with the filters that
                we're using, but they seem to behave when operating at 19200 baud.
                The trhoughput maintained at a good level ( ~= 14 pages/min. )

Thanks for their collaboration and/or interest to:

        Ken Rossman <>
        Winston Seah <>
        Steve Simmons <>
        Hans van Staveren <>
        Karl-Jose Filler <>
        Martin Kelly <>
        Peter Galvin <>
        John M. Borders <jb@NISS.Reston.Unisys.COM>
        r.d. parachoniak <>
        Brian Styles <>
        Kirk Thege <>
        Steve Seaney <>
        Peter Gutmann <murphy!truth!uunet!truth!>

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