Summary: Diskless client boot fails

From: Michael Baumann (proton!
Date: Wed Nov 20 1991 - 21:38:37 CST

Boy do I feel like an idiot.
Shortly after I sent out the plea for help, I solved my
boot problem.
I had converted to FQHN in my /etc/hosts, but not in /etc/bootparams.
As I had not restarted _all_ of my boot servers, rpc.bootparamd did
not see the difference, and boots went fine. Last night the last
of the machines was rebooted, and no longer did I have a
rpc.bootparamd that knew how to resolve the incomplete name.
Or something like that.
Solution is one of two things:
1) use the short nickname as first entry in /etc/hosts
2) use FQHN in /etc/bootparams.

Thanks for the help anyway.
If someone sends excellent debugging tips, I'll summerize anyway
as it would have been nice to have a clearer indication of what the
problem was.

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