SUMMARY: Screenblank blanks screen running sunview

From: Luis Fernando V. Gomes (
Date: Fri Nov 29 1991 - 11:07:02 CST

        My problem was:

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        We have been using a small subnetwork with three SS1+
(Sun 4/65) running SUNOS 4.1 that used to work fine. All of them
were running "screenblank -d 120" started from their /etc/rc. One
of them is NIS master and the others are slaves. Then we decided
to add one SS2 with two SLC (SUNOS 4.1.1) as NIS clients to this

        The problem is when I run sunview on the NIS master and
screenblank times out, no key stroke nor mouse movement makes the
screen light up again. Remote "su root" can do it (but only
once). writing to the console works always, but then screenblank
turns the video off again. The only known way to succeed is to
kill screenblank.

        Screenblank and sunview always used to work together in
the SS1+. No problems with openwindows. Does anyone know what is
going on?

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        The problem was bad /dev/kbd and /dev/mouse files. They
were removed and remade with

        MAKEDEV std

I did it yesterday and (until now) it works.

Paul Humphreys (hydres!paul) wrote:

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>From hydres!paul Thu Nov 28 13:06:05 1991
Subject: Re: Screenblank blanks screen running sunview
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I have had this myself. Best thing to do is zap the files
/dev/kbd and /dev/mouse and remake them with MAKEDEV std
Then reboot.

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>From Wed Nov 27 11:00:11 1991

Hmmm, not too sure about your problem. Make sure /dev/kbd and /dev/mouse
are "correct", and when the problem occurs, rsh into the machine, and see
if their access times are updating when you try to use them on the
blank-ed host (that's how screenblank works).

>From Wed Nov 27 19:11:51 1991

Just one other possibility; is the date/time being adjusted on your
host? That can easily throw screenblank off ... maybe you're running
"rdate" frequently (more than once a day), or ntp (Network Time
Protocol) daemons?
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Other suggestions:

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>From gfleming@sol.UVic.CA Wed Nov 27 17:32:28 1991

(...) After some discussion and diagnostic work with Sun, they concluded
that the CPU board was bad. A new one was installed and the problem went
away. I don;t know if you have the same problem, but if so, no clever
systems hacking is going to fix it!

  Best of luck,

   Jane Eert (

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>From adiron!tro@uunet.UU.NET Wed Nov 27 17:16:01 1991

I believe that multiple screenblanks can cause this problem. Did a user start
up a 2nd copy?

Likewise, I believe that screenblank + an X11 screen saver function (or
anything similar) can cause problems.
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