SUMMARY: liquids and keyboards

From: Ralph Finch (
Date: Mon Dec 02 1991 - 14:52:45 CST

THANKS to all who replied! The keyboard as of this writing is
working; we flushed it with clean tap water.

Summary: When liquids spill into a keyboard.

1) There's a good chance the keyboard can be returned to normal
(nothing to lose by trying).

2) Do the following immediately!

3) Unplug it from the computer.

4) Take it apart as best you can.

5) Flush with clean water, distilled preferred. If you have only a
small amount of distilled water use that for the final rinse. Use
cool or lukewarm water, nothing too hot to avoid warping.

6) Probably don't use soaps, detergents, and so on. Although some
responders had used them without apparent problems.

7) Dry with a hair dryer or similar after cleaning. Don't get it too
hot though.

8) Let it air dry throughly before reassembling and plugging it back
into the computer.


Some suggested soaking in a bucket of water, rather than simply

Some also suggested the use of rubbing alcohol, or Freon or Flux type
cleaners. However these might eat at the plastic parts, test before

Ticks me off that the SS1+ won't function without its keyboard,
rendering the computer useless even as a network node.

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