SUMMARY: Question on ALM-1, aka Systech MTI-1600

From: Matt Crawford (
Date: Wed Dec 04 1991 - 22:38:51 CST

My thanks to Aydin Edguer who told me within an hour of my asking,
that the correct Systech is Systech Corporation in San Diego, at
+1 619 453 8970. I called them and they say they don't own the
driver either. Now I think that Sun may have had a consultant do
it. Who knows.

Anyway, the MTI driver still exists in 4.1.1. I wonder whether
I should gamble on the 4.1.1 driver working in 4.1.2. Seems like a
good bet. The stakes might not be *too* high, since there's still
another old VME Sun-3 and a VME Sun-4 on hand that I could stick
these ALM-1s into in a pinch.

(I don't imagine too many are interested in the ALM-1, but I figured
a quick post of this summary may save a few other kind souls the
bother of looking up the same info for me. :)
Matt Crawford Astronomy & Astrophysics U of Chicago

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