SUMMARY: Fuse Type For Older Color Sun Monitor

From: Steve Simmons (
Date: Fri Jun 21 1991 - 23:29:10 CDT

For the first time in living memory, Sun-Managers has failed! I'm
going into mourning immediately after the summary is finished. :-)

Seriously, everybody had exactly the same suggestion: get a slow-blow
fuse. Great idea, but which one? Nobody knew the actual fuse type to
be put in. They also cautioned me that monitors with shorts are
dangerous. Yep, that's why we were looking for the *right* fuse. I
finally remembered the phone number of a sun hardware maintenance type
who owed me a favor and very kindly looked it up in his book. It's


But thanks anyway to a raft of suggestions from:

From: Greg Higgins <>
From: (Geert Jan de Groot)
From: hal@mpl.UCSD.EDU (Hal Skelly)
From: (barking at airplanes)
From: Ken Rossman <>
From: thlcr!michel (Philippe Michel)
From: jb@MCL.Unisys.COM (John M. Borders)
From: antoine@roentgen.RadOnc.Duke.EDU

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