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From: Charlie Taylor (
Date: Fri Jun 07 1991 - 14:40:41 CDT

The only useful info I got was from Matt Cohen ( who wrote

     If you look, you'll find that F12 doesn't work either.

     The problem is that there are more function keys on a Sun type 4
     keyboad than there are MIT-defined keysyms for function keys.
     The MIT server maps L1 _and_ F11 to the keysym "F11" and L2 and
     F12 to "F12", so under the MIT server, there is no way to tell these
     pairs of keys apart. (You can actually remap them with xmodmap, but to

     Sun thought this was unacceptable, so they registered two vendor-
     defined keysyms, SunF36 and SunF37 for F11 and F12 on the type 4 keyboard.
     If you use "SunF36" and "SunF37" in your translation tables, you'll be

After verifying that L1 and L2 did in fact function as F11 and F12 using
the default x3270 keymap (which was good to know in itself), I tried
adding the lines

            <key>SunF36: PF11()\n\
            <key>SunF37: PF12()\n\

to the x3270.keymap.sun-k4 translation map in /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/X3270.
X3270 however choked on this complaining that it did not know what to do with
the Sun defined keysyms.

My next choice was simply to add

    xmodmap -e 'keysym SunF36 = F11'
    xmodmap -e 'keysym SunF37 = F12'

to the .xinitrc file which just makes F11 = L1 and F12 = L2. I suppose
this would interfere with any sun specific apps which need the real F11
and F12 keys. If you have any such things then I suppose you are stuck
using L1 and L2 as F11 and F12 in x3270 (no big deal really).

For those who were unaware of x3270 and wanted to know where to get it, try
the X/contrib directory at (anonymous ftp).

Charlie Taylor
UF Astronomy

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