SUMMARY: NIS/BIND problem in a Ultrix/SUN world?

From: Peifong Ren (
Date: Thu Jun 06 1991 - 08:24:09 CDT

Thanks to all who had replied-
The following is the correct solution:

From: Vincent Kwok-Shiang Loh <>

looks like you encountered the problem that caused us lots of grief over
sun{name,addr} maps have the -B flag, which tells a sun ypserv
to goto the DNS to lookup names not found in the maps.
Unfortunately, ult4.1{nam,addr}} maps don't support this flag,
and use /etc/svc.conf instead (I prefer this method over the sun method).
So if a client binds to a sun server, you lose, since the map master was
created on the ultrix box (which does'nt support the -B flag). I suppose
there are various ways around this, over here, I just modifed the ult4.1
ypserv to do DNS lookups whenever it can't find the entry in the map.
(no -B flag needed to signal DNS lookups). If you're interested in this
ypserv, let me know and I can set up something for you to get it.
I suppose that one could also make a sun the master for the* maps.
Thats also another solution.

some corrections to what I said:
The problem is that the ultrix ypserv does not do DNS name lookup at all.
The sun ypserv can do DNS lookups if you use the -B flags. ultrix
resolver code uses the /etc/svc.conf file instead of burying the DNS in
ypserv. This causes problems when the ultrix is the* map master,
since ultrix does not have a way to build these maps with the -B options.
I took 2 steps to solve the problem. I made the sun the map master for
the* map, this way, the -B flag could be used. This takes care
of the 3 situations below:
                client server
                sun sun
                ultrix sun
                ultrix ultrix (no problems, they use /etc/svc.conf).

However, sun ultrix still won't work.
so I modified the ultrix ypserv to do dns lookups whenever it could not
find the entry in the* maps. This simulates the behaviour of
the sun ypserv with the -B flag.

Thanks again!

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