SUMMARY: printing from terminal servers

From: Micky Liu (
Date: Sat May 25 1991 - 19:55:18 CDT

SUMMARY: Connecting printers to terminal servers...

Well there weren't too many replies, but here they are in order of
preference (what I think is most useful).

- Pick up nd/tcpcon package from I took a look at the
  software, but have not installed it yet. The README says that it can
  make telnet connections look like direct lines to serial devices which
  is just about what I need. This looks the most promising right now.
  I will be testing it shortly.

- Xylogics Annex servers come with a program called rtelnet which
  establishes connections between serial ports on the annex and ptys
  on the hosts. This sounds very useful, but is vendor specific...

- Fair success with Racal-Interlan NTS200, but experienced slow
  telnet initiations and needed custom print filter. This box
  serves the same purpose from VMS/LAT.

- I also had a couple of replies that addressed this issue from a
  VMS/LAT perspective, but didn't include them here because I don't
  think it is pertinent/appropriate.

- Bridge CS100 and Printronix printer, minor problems - no details.

Thanks to: (Bob Bookbinder)
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