Date: Tue May 14 1991 - 13:29:51 CDT

A few hours ago, I sent a message of help concerning the "SCSI hung" problem.

It is now fixed, thanks to the net!!! MANY MANY MANY THANKS.

My problem WAS related to the "sticktion" problem of some of the
108 Meg internal drives: to confirm this, I took a drive from another system.
It booted fine... I then sent for a hair dryer (to warm up the
drive slightly, causing the lubricant to thin out a bit).

Meanwhile, I rearranged the drives to what they were initially, and
turned to machine on. To my surprise, the drive suddenly started to
spin!!! I suspect the manipulation of the drive fixed the problem!

Problem fixed. No heat required.

Thanks to the net, especially to

who directly pin-pointed the problem...

Thanks to all who responded (and those who still will).

      Claude Cantin
      National Research Council of Canada

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