Summary: Ethernet Addresses...

From: Micky Liu (
Date: Thu May 09 1991 - 16:03:36 CDT

Well this isn't exactly a summary, since I re-discovered the solution
right after I made the posting... Most people suggested doing things
like using dmesg or using ifconfig or using my /etc/ethers file.
These solutions do not really fit since:

1) There may not be any boot-up messages for dmesg to deliver
2) Various versions of ifconfig do not report the ethernet address --
    also I would have to do stoopid things to get this from within
    a program...
3) My /etc/ethers file does not contain my ethernet address and I
    shouldn't assume that it will.

The solution that I have (right now is system dependent for SunOS and
Ultrix) is to use the etherlib package from Alex Dupuy available for
anonymous ftp from It fits my needs perfectly in
this case.


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