SUMMARY: Emergency! Fujitsu M2382K disktab wanted

Date: Mon Apr 29 1991 - 14:09:43 CDT

Many thanks to all those who responded (you know who you are!) - the
response to this list is nothing short of phenomenal. Here is the
entry that we finally used:

disk_type = "Fujitsu-M2382k DECADE" \
        : ctlr = XY450 : fmt_time = 4 \
        : ncyl = 743 : acyl = 2 : pcyl = 745 : nhead = 27 : nsect = 84 \
        : rpm = 3600 : bpt = 49728 : bps = 592 : drive_type = 3

We are tinkering with an sc spreadsheet to convert between format.dat,
megabyte, and partition table numbers. When/if that leads to anything
useful I'll mention it here. (Craig D. Rice) sent me a table of metrics for
about 125 drives - I'll forward it to anyone who wants it. (Birger Wathne) suggested the following:

> With the data you have, you should be able to choose "other" as disk
> type, and answer the questions you get. Just accept the defaults for
> the parameters you don't have. That is what i do if i get only the
> parameters you listed. It has always worked. No need to enter them
> into the format.dat file.

Another matter: those people who tried to ftp a copy of the MS-DOS
printer-to-file redirector from should try again - the
machine that answers to that address was the one with the disk
problem. You'll find the print redirector in pub/lptx-7-0.tar.

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