SUMMARY: NIS new database files not yppushing

From: Steve Riley (pacacc!
Date: Fri Apr 12 1991 - 12:48:04 CDT

SUMMARY on can't ypxfr a new NIS map to the servers with yppush:

OK, I guess I summarized too soon, several people responded and said
that rcp could be a bad idea, the solution was to use ypxfr from each
server (something I wanted to avoid, but isn't any worse than having to
run rcp). I tried it and it works fine. This answer is similiar to the NIS
chapter section on "Changing a Map's master server".

Hal Sterns response:
> the "real" answer to your question is that yppush works by asking
> the remote server to "clear" its copy of the map, then it asks
> the remote server to perform a "ypxfr" on the map.
> if the slave server doesn't have the map, or can't access it,
> the "clear" command hangs; yp times out after a few minutes
> and yppush fails.
> the better fix (you shouldn't rcp map files because you grow
> when you do) is to run this script:
> #! /bin/sh
> for h in `ypcat ypservers | fgrep -v masterserver`
> do
> rsh $h /usr/etc/yp/ypxfr -h masterserver mapname
> done
> this will "drag" the map over on each slave server.
> --hal stern
> sun microsystems
> northeast area consulting group
Also Rob McMahon got the 'right' answer (mcsun!ukc!warwick!cudcv)
Thanks everyone else for their responses!


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