Summary: Ethernet collisions

Date: Mon Mar 18 1991 - 13:13:04 CST

There can be hardware and software problems.
. these could be due to faulty transceivers on the faulty hosts.
. but I have no tool, except permutation, to test this!
. uunet!!vasey pointed me to an H-P Lanalyzer.
. check that you have no products designed for Level 1 ethernet.
. only DEC seems to have a book on hardware specifications for
mixing think and thin ethernets, multi-port transceivers, etc.
Software: pointed me to synchronized network accesses.
For example, rwhod on diskless workstations is very bad!!
And more precisely, broadcasts which triggers NFS activity is bad!
So I got a source for rwhod. And I added a flag (-n) to tell
an rwhod not to update files in /var/spool/rwho. On diskless
workstations, I set this flag and I mount /var/spool/rwho of
the server. So I have the same functions; and the collision
rate is better!
Thanks a lot to :
And also to:
  --Jacques Beigbeder

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