SUMMARY: Re: yppasswd system call

Date: Fri Feb 22 1991 - 07:28:49 CST

  The original request (summarized):

>I need to implement a custom program to change NIS passwords. It should
>be a simple thing to do but the yppasswd system call does not do what I
>expect. If I change several fields in the pw struct only one of these
>fields actually gets changed. Is the problem just me, or:
>o Does anyone know of a bug in YPPASSWD(3R) with SunOS 4.1?
>o Has anyone used the yppasswd system call to update multiple fields?
>o Has anyone written their own password update program?

You don't need a lot of responses if the first one is correct. The morning
after I posted my questions if received from the following:

        The rpc.yppasswdd by default only lets you change one field. Use the
        undocumented -nosingle argument to get it to let you change more. For

        rpc.yppaswdd /var/yp/passwd -nosingle -m passwd netid

        (This is on the NIS master, of course.)

The custom password program now works fine. Thank you.
Bill Moore ( (305)477-6843 ext. 675
Fleet Credit Corporation, 8325 NW 53 ST, Miami FL 33166

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