SUMMARY: Re: PC-NFS running on High Memory

From: Paul Alukal (
Date: Tue Feb 19 1991 - 15:41:28 CST

In message <> I wrote:
>We have Zenith 286 PC's running PC-NFS Ver 3.01.
>There are also other software running on them which
>require more than 500K of base memory (won't use
>extended or expanded memory). I was interested whether
>PC-NFS can run on extended or expanded memory and the
>Did anyone out there use any similar PC/Card/Software
>and run PC-NFS on the High Memory area? Any other
>information regarding running PC-NFS there? Any
>Contact number for RYBS Electronics?

>Please reply to me directly - will post a summary if

Well, I got a couple of replies indicating that it is possible
to put PC-NFS in High Memory.

Thanks to all the replies. I have put a
small listing of the mail I received for those people
who expressed an interest about this subject.

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Paul Alukal
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From: pcarroll@East.Sun.COM (Paul Carroll - Sun BOS Software)

        There are many users who are putting pcnfs and some
drivers high. Depending on the card/driver installed and the
3rd party memory enhancer you have ,depends on what can be loaded
high. We have people running successfully with RYBS, QEMM, 386MAX
to name a few. I can forward an example of how a PC is configured
but keep in mind it is an example only, and your environment will
probably vary. THis sample is for HI386, I do not have an example
for 286 based machine..

        Good luck

        paul carroll
        PC-NFS tech support

RYBS is a product that moves the drivers from config.sys
to the autoexec file.
---- sample config.sys -----

buffers = 20
shell = c:\dos\ /E:1024 /p

----- autoexec.bat ------
c:\AMS\moremem C800-E000
C:\AMS\ lastdrive /H V
C:\AMS\device = /H c:\DOS\ansi.sys
C:\AMS\device = /H c:\nfs\pcnfs.sys
C:\AMS\device = /H c:\nfs\sockdrv.sys
C:\AMS\device = /H c:\drivers\vecie6.sys
C:\AMS\device = /H c:\nfs\nfsvec.sys
C:\AMS\files /H 40
C:\AMS\loadhigh c:\nfs\ *
path = c:\nfs;c:\dos;etc.etc.etc
set nfsdrive = C


From: pcarroll@East.Sun.COM (Paul Carroll - Sun BOS Software)

386Max Professional by Qualitas, 301-907-6700
allows PC-NFS device drivers to be loaded in high DOS
memory ON 386 PC`s ONLY. This is a software product only.

QEMM 386 by Quaterdeck, 213-392-9851 allows PC-NFS device
drivers to load into high DOS memory ON 386 PC`S ONLY.
This is a software producvt only.

Move'Em by Qualitas, 301-907-6700 allows PC-NFS device
drivers to load into high DOS memory on 8088, 80286 and
386 PC`s which have an EMS 4.0 device driver or a
Chips and Technologies chip set containing 1 Mb. This
is a software product, but requires EMS 4.0 hardware
on 8088 and 80286 PC's.

Rybs Hicard by Rybs Technologies 303-444-6073 allows
PC-NFS device drivers to load into upper DOS memory on
8088 and 80286 machines. This is a hardware/software
product and does not require EMS 4.0 hardware.


From: (Richard E. Link (DTRC)

Subject: Re: PC-NFS and Hi Memory


I don't know anything about the product you mentioned, but Quarterdeck
Office Systems has a product called QRAM that supposedly will let you
load TSR's and device drivers in high memory. I have ordered it and
am expecting delivery any day now. You may wish to contact them at
(213)392-9701 (9-5 PST). I plan to install it on a Zenith Z-248 with
PC-NFS 3.01. I can let you know if it works or not.


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