SUMMARY: moving swap space, etc.

From: Alfred Correira (execu!unisql!
Date: Mon Jan 07 1991 - 08:32:45 CST

Here is a summary of my recent posting:


> (1) I just recently added a new partition for client swapping (/export/swap1)
> on my sd1 disk. When I tried to use it today (via add_client) I got an
> error because the file /etc/install/disk_info.sd1 was missing. When I
> rummaged around in /etc/install I found some more files that seemed related
> to sd0 info and I had nothing for sd1 for any of them. I couldn't find
> any info on building whatever subset of these sd0 files need to exist for
> sd1 in any of the install-related man pages or the admin-related manuals
> (although there is a lot of stuff there and I might have missed it), nor
> could I find any programs in /usr/etc/install or /etc/install that seemed
> relevant. I can piece things together using the sd0 files as templates
> and maybe get it all right, but it would seem that there must be something
> that Does The Right Thing automagically or a description somewhere that I
> overlooked. Can anyone enlighten me?

I only got a few responses here. Basically, the software that builds these
files is only available via suninstall; at other times you have to build the
files by hand when you add new disks (the existing sd0 files along with dkinfo
and df can be of help). One point mentioned was that add_client uses the
free-space value in the disk_info file rather than doing a df(1) to find out
the real value. So you can pack your swap partitions right up to the last
block by putting appropriate values in the disk_info file. {Ordinarily,
suninstall won't let you use the last 10%.}


> (2) On a related note, if I wanted to move a client from, say, /export/swap to
> /export/swap1 (and that was the only thing I wanted to change for that
> client), what's the fastest way (i.e., s.t. faster than a rm_client
> followed by an add_client) to accomplish this? Do the files
> in /etc/install have a hand in this (i.e., can I just edit one of these)?

I had a lot more response on this one. I worded the question a bit poorly, in
that I know about /etc/bootparams and what I was trying to find out was whether
or not these (new to me at least) /etc/install files were also relevant. In
any case, the procedure I used to accomplish the swap file move was:

0) shut down client
1) mkfile -v 32m /export/swap1/client_name
2) exportfs -u the old swap file
3) edit new swap file name into /etc/bootparams
4) edit new swap file name into /etc/exports
5) ypmake + exportfs -a
6) reboot client
7) remove old swap file
8) I also edited the /etc/install/client.client_name file


With thanks for responses (sorry there are no real names; I forgot that the
save filter I used on the incoming responses strips them out) from:

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