Summary: yp:server not responding

From: Andrew Mellanby (
Date: Fri Jan 11 1991 - 12:39:32 CST

Thanks to all who responded about this, most of you got it right.

netmask on the sparcs 'wren' & 'swift' was set wrong (

The real problem here was as follows.
    The yp master 'eagle' had been up for about 8 weeks, the last
    time eagle was booted, it was configured with a netmask
    because I was experimenting with sub-netting. However, I change
    the netmask back to but DID NOT reboot the machine,
    it seems that although I had changed the netmask, the interface
    was still behaving as if the mask was This led
    me to a false sense of security, since the sparcs wren & swift
    booted-up fine even though they're netmask was .
        So after the ypserver was booted on Tuesday the interface ie0
        reflected the true netmask which was incompatable
        with the value set on the sparcs.

    What I'm trying to say here is ONLY the first 'ifconfig' command
    sets up the interface, subsequent ifconfigs seem to have no
    effect on the physical state of the interface even though it
    may seem as if it has.
        Perhaps someone could verify this to me.

Thanks again for the superb responses.
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