Responses to "SCCI error on startup of Sun-4/110"

From: Jimmy Y. Cheng (
Date: Fri Dec 21 1990 - 11:19:25 CST


        My original question was:
> We have a Sun-4/110 with a 327 MB drive.
>It is not connected to a network, just a standalone.
>Everytime I login in I get the following message:
> .seg "data"
> .seg "data"
> .half 16424
> .half 9001
> .half 29556
> <about 5 or 6 more lines>
> .half 14383
> .You have mail.
> We currently do not have support on this machine
>and Sun won't talk to us unless we do. Do anyone on the
>net have sugguestions why or what this message may refer to.

        In the last day, I received about 15 msgs.
Thanks to all those who responded.

SUMMARY: The reason was when my system crashed, the file
/etc/motd got corrupted and 'garbage' was written into it.
This is especially true if the system was aborted or halted
before /etc/motd was probably rebuilt.

Jim Cheng


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