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Date: Fri Dec 28 1990 - 15:12:21 CST

> I just upgraded our email/news gateway from 4.0.3 to 4.1.1. One of the
> machines I dial up (lets call it "fakename") has been known by it's fakename
> since the beginning of time, in fact all email & news return addresses use
> fakename (i.e. fakename!blob!thing..).
> After login & passwd are successfully negotiated fakename returns it's real
> hostname (which is different from it's fakename). My UUCP then dies with a
> "WRONG MACHINE NAME" error. 4.0.3 UUCP didn't have a problem with this
> setup. I need a way for 4.1.1 UUCP not to freak out when it get's the real
> hostname & not the fakename. I know that I can make an alias of my own
> hostname using "MYNAME=" in the permissions file. I don't see anyway of
> making an alias of the remote hostname.

And the Answer is:

Use an undocumented keyword in the Permissions file. The ALIAS= keyword is
undocumented and possibly SunOS specific. The minimum amount of info that is
needed is:

in /etc/uucp/Permission

MACHINE=realname ALIAS=fakename COMMANDS=rmail:rnews REQUEST=yes SENDFILES=yes

in /etc/uucp/Systems

realname Any ACU 19200 XXX-YYYY "" \r\r login:-login: <login> ssword: <pass>
fakename Any ACU 19200 XXX-YYYY "" \r\r login:-login: <login> ssword: <pass>

You need both the realname & fakename entry in /etc/uucp/Systems, but only the
one in /etc/uucp/Permissions.

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