Summary: weird Sunview behavior

From: SILL D E (
Date: Tue Dec 18 1990 - 11:45:11 CST

I wrote:
> A user reports that Sunview suddenly no longer works right for him.
> Instead of coming up in half a minute or so with a console, clock,
> shell, etc., it takes 2-3 minutes, and doesn't fire up any apps. The
> popup menu doesn't act right either: it takes several clicks to bring
> it up and exit Sunview.
> I tried copying over a fresh /usr/bin/sunview1 from a known-good
> system, but that had no effect.

    Suggested checking /usr/lib/.sunview, /usr/lib/.rootmenu, and
    $HOME/.defaults. Also suggested verifying kernel paramters such
    as max users, no. of windows, kbd, mse, etc.


    Reports same problem and notes that user root still works


    Reports same problem.

nobody@Kodak.COM (Steve Bochinski

    Suggests verifying that selection_svc is running.


    Reported same problem, which was fixed by replacing
    /usr/lib/ (David LeVine)

    Says user may have overwritten his .sunview file. (Daryl Crandall)

    Recommends examining selection_svc.

creagh@Corp.Sun.COM (Creagh Yates)

    Suggests renaming $HOME/.sunview and re-running using default.

    Reports same problem and says only a reboot will fix it. Also
    suggested checking /usr/lib/libsuntool.s*.


    Had similar problem, and suggests rebooting.

"John R Ruckstuhl Jr" <>


    Same thing happened here when somebody installed some X things
    that had the same names as the SunView "shelltool" and "cmdtool",
    and the X things were early in the path. (Jeff Shaw)

    Reported some unusual behavior due to lables specified with the
    -Wl option that contained tilde characters (~). He says these
    worked under 4.0.3 but don't work under 4.1.


Well, thanks everyone!

John R. Ruckstuhl, Jr., wins the "grand" prize. Sure enough, the user
had /usr/openwin/bin/xview first thing in his path. Moving it to the
end cleared up the problem immediately. (But not until I'd tried all
of the other possible solutions.)

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