SUMMARY:problem with 'trace'

Date: Mon Dec 10 1990 - 04:05:44 CST

My original query:
| I have 3/80's and 3/50's running diskless from the
| same server running SunOS 4.1 .
| When i for instance run 'trace date' , it produces
| the correct output on the 3/50's but on the 3/80's
| it just returns the date ( no trace ).
| Since the trace program is in /usr/bin it's the
| same code run for both 3/50 and 3/80.
| Any ideas of what might be wrong ?

The problem is that the same code does _not_ work for
both sun3 and sun3x.
I solved the problem by moving trace from /usr/bin to /usr/kvm,
so that I can have different versions for the two architecures.
(Shouldn't Sun have done this already ???)

Now it works fine, and I only wonder if there are more
programs that should be in different versions but
that isn't...
(I _did_ set things up as I was told through the manuals)

    Thanks to those that helped me

      Bertil Roslund ( )
      Department of Computer Engineering
      Lund University, Sweden

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