SUMMARY: Client reboots with "panic: wrong pmg"

From: Fabrice Le Metayer (
Date: Mon Dec 10 1990 - 11:42:58 CST

Hello, Sun-Managers,

as usual, people answered my query very promptly. Here is a copy of my
initial message :

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Date: Tue, 4 Dec 90 12:05:42 CST
From: Fabrice Le Metayer <>

One of my diskless clients periodically reboots with the following error
messages :

        hardware claims page map entry group number is 0xb4
          software says page map entry group number is 0x34
        pmg = f096bc10, pmg base = ede0000, addr = fa80000
        panic: wrong pmg
        Syncing disks... done

        Dumping to vp f28be08, offset 8224
        1534 total pages, dump succeeded

The client is a Sun-3/160 running SunOS 4.0.3, and booting from a Sun-4/370
heterogeneous server. There are other Sun-3's on this server and this one
is the only one that shows this behaviour.

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The general consensus was that the hardware was causing this, more specifically
the CPU board. I had it changed and sure enough, the problem went away. The
most common comment was :

> have you reported this as a hardware bug? looks like you have
> a "funny" bit in theonce of the SRAMs in the MMU - notice that
> xb4 and x34 are different by only one bit. try getting a new
> CPU and running it for a while.

Many thanks to : (Carlo Tiana)
halstern@Sun.COM (Hal Stern - Consultant)
kevin@Corp.Sun.COM (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child}) (M.W. Goheen) (Ray Smith)


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