Sun Raster --> TIFF [Summary]

From: Amir J. Katz (Xpert (sn4idc8!
Date: Tue Dec 11 1990 - 04:26:49 CST

A while ago, I posted the question 'how to convert a Sun raster file
into a TIFF format'.

Follows is a summary of the replies:

1. The majority of responses suggested using Jef Poskanzer's PBM bitmap
   package (pbmplus).
2. Others suggested using Sam Leffler's TIFF package (libtiff ?).
3. Some suggested using ImageMagick package.


uunet!!barnum (Maria A. Barnum) and
uunet!!arnej (Arne Henrik Juul) said:

> There are a bunch of good packages of filters that you should grab -
> once you go to fbm or pbm, you can go back and forth between formats with
> ease!
> Anonymous FTP
> Host: (
> User: anonymous
> Password: name@site
> Directory: /usr/mlm/ftp/
> Filename: fbm.tar.Z
> Transfer: 'image'
> Note: you must 'cd' to /usr/mlm/ftp directly, you cannot access
> either /usr, or /usr/mlm alone. Don't forget to specify 'image'
> format transfer.
> Other files:
> tiff.tar.Z Sam Leffler's TIFF support
> utah.tar.Z Utah RLE package
> pbmplus.tar.Z Jef Poskanzer's PBM bitmap package

uunet!millidc!blue!djm (Drew Montag) said:

> I asked a similar question a few weeks ago about converting Sun raster files
> to PostScript, and among the responses I received, I was pointed to a package
> called PBM Plus (Portable BitMaps Plus) that converts many formats to many
> other formats. It handles the following formats: (R-reading, W-writing)
> Sun icon file R/W
> Sun raster file R/W
> X10 and X11 bitmap file R/W
> MacPaint R/W
> CMU window manager format R/W
> MGR format R/W
> Group 3 FAX R/W
> X11 window dump file R/W
> X10 window dump file R
> Xerox doodle brushes R
> GEM .img format R
> PC paintbrush (.pcx) format R
> ASCII graphics W
> HP LaserJet format W
> GraphOn graphics W
> BBN BitGraph graphics W
> Printronix format W
> PGM handles the following formats:
> Usenix FaceSaver file R
> PostScript "image" data R
> raw grayscale bytes R
> Encapsulated PostScript W
> PPM handles the following formats:
> color Sun raster file R/W
> Amiga IFF ILBM R/W
> color X11 window dump file R/W
> color X10 window dump file R
> MTV ray-tracer output R
> QRT ray-tracer output R
> TrueVision Targa file R
> Img-whatnot file R
> color Encapsulated PostScript W
> It's available for FTP from "" as "contrib/pbmplus.tar.Z".

uunet!!convex!datri (Anthony A. Datri) said:
Use Sam Leffler's libtiff package. To obtain it:

> The software is available for public ftp on:
> pub/tiff/tiff.tar.Z
> (
> graphics/tiff.tar.Z
> (
> For example,
> ftp -n
> ....
> user anonymous
> ... <type in password>
> cd pub/tiff
> binary
> get tiff.tar.Z (a compressed tar file)
> There is also companion compression tar file, tiffpics.tar.Z
> that has sample TIFF image files. These are mostly useful in
> testing the software if/when you port it to an unsupported system.

uunet!eplrx7!cristy [or] (John Cristy) said:
> Try contrib/ImageMagick.tar.Z on There is a
> SUNtoMIFF converter and a MIFFtoTIFF converter. That should do it.
decwrl!riacs!rutgers!!harry (Harry Langenbacher) said:

> I have:
> tiff2fbm (tiff to fuzzy bitmap)
> fbm2tiff (fbm to tiff)
> tifftopbm (tiff to portable bitmap)
> tifftorle (tiff to Utah raster toolkit format)
> The fbm, pbm, and Utah raster toolkit have programs to convert to and from
> Sun raster format from their own format.
> The Utah Raster toolkit also sez it has a conversion program to tiff.
> See also newsgroup - "answers to frequently asked questions" posting.
> - Harry Langenbacher 818-354-{9513,9511}

The following people have also suggested 'pbmplus':

   uunet!Corp.Sun.COM!kevin (Kevin Sheehan)
   uunet!!bzs (Barry Shein)
   uunet!!de5 (Dave Sill ?)
   uunet!amdahl!!oran (Oran Davis)

The following people have also suggested Sam Leffler's TIFF package:

   uunet!!rd0k+ (Richard Drew Dean)

-- Thanks to all people who responded,

   Amir J. Katz, System Support, Daisy/Cadnetix Israel

E-mail: {uunet,atari,pyramid}!daisy!sn4idc8!amirk

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