Summary of Replies Ref 3/160 -> 4/310 Peripherals

From: Steve Simmons (
Date: Tue Dec 11 1990 - 13:04:44 CST

There were a number of requests for summaries. It's a real easy
summary -- basicly, everything we have will work -- the 70MB
pseudo-scsi disks, the old disk and tape controllers. There were
a few caveats, however. Many thanks for the replies from:
 Mike Walker <> Mon Dec 10 11:30:29 1990 <Bob Drzyzgula>

First, the official word from Sun hardware support:

Sun supports the SMD drives (Eagle and Doube Eagle) with the 451
disk controllers but not the 450 controllers. The 450s work in
real life, but Sun doesn't support them. They support the Fuji
tape drive and Xylogics 472 controller (I mistakenly noted we
had a 752) but it cannot be used for a boot device. They do
support the QIC tapes, but were not explicit about their being

Sun does not support the 70MB pseudo-SCSI disk, the 4MB expansion
RAM boards, or the SCPs. In particular the SCPs will not work,
the driver is no longer in the OS.

Yes, the monochrome frame buffer is an addon if you want to us
bitmapped displays.

The older pseudo-scsi drives will not interoperate with newer
imbedded SCSI drives. That's fine, we're planning on replacing
them anyway.

That said, people from the net pretty much agreed with Sun except that
they confirmed they could still use the internal 70MB SCSI disks in
4/330s, and 4/370s. Thus "not supported" does not always mean "doesn't
work". Unfortunately none of them had the actual upgrade listed in the
current price book (called a "SparcSystem 300 CPU board"). But
everyone seems to feel this is the same CPU as the 4/3[367]0. I can
hardly imagine sun whipping up a special CPU board just to upgrade

Many thanks, all.

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