Repost: SUMMARY: Wierdness from "ps" and "df" commands

From: Mike Guttman (
Date: Thu Dec 13 1990 - 16:42:53 CST

I've gotten a couple of notes saying that my summary was truncated
after the end of the original post. So, here is a repost of the
summary without the original posting part.

The most of the suggestions involved:
- Verifying the integrity of /vmunix and that I'm booting from /vmunix.
- Verifying the integrity of the shared libc.
- Making sure I'm running the commands from the correct kvm directory.
- Testing the FPU. *THE WINNERS*
- Fsck'ing the disk with a backup superblock (fsck -b #...).
  [This almost sounds obscene]
- Updating the OS. [I didn't know 4.1.1 was out]

It seems that the FPU was sick - it failed the diagnostics in

The cure:
- Shut the system down.
- TURN THE POWER OFF (*&^!@#%$).
- Reboot the system.
- Learn how to curse in Spanish because it sounds so good.

The prevention:
- Better ventilation?
- Run the A/C power through a timer, so that it shuts off every 2 hours :-).
- Don't use computers.

Thank you for the responses - they're still coming in so sorry if I
missed somebody.

Responders in chronological order (name where available):

dan@BBN.COM (Dan Franklin) (Scott Paisley)
my post arrived (Doug Neuhauser)
Adam Glass <glass@soda.Berkeley.EDU> (John M. Blasik)
finlay@Eng.Sun.COM (John Finlay)
Ian Angles <> (Steve Jay)
dagobah!mis@uunet.UU.NET (Mark Seiden)
stern@East.Sun.COM (Hal Stern - Consultant) (Margaret Mikulska)
Michael J. Saletnik <icarus@End.Tufts.EDU>
Andrew Mellanby <> (Curt Freeland)


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