SUMMARY: data recovery

From: Kerien Fitzpatrick (fitz@FRC2.FRC.RI.CMU.EDU)
Date: Thu Dec 13 1990 - 16:53:22 CST

Well, I didn't receive any replies to my post, but I have found a place
that does data recovery from disks with unix filesystems. Originally I
posted about a Wren V that failed. Symptoms varied on a couple of
machines. The 4/330 printed no sense errors to the console while the
SPARC1 was able to get info from the controller, but could not read the

The company that will attempt data recovery is listed below. What they
will do is examine the drive and report back how much data they
estimate they can recover (24 hr turnaround). If you are satisfied
they will then begin the data recovery (2-5 day turnaround). If the
amount requested is large they request another disk be sent with the
bad one on which they will copy the recovered data. Standard recover
uses a DOS filesystem, but they say that they can write a unix
filesystem. I am just in the process of shipping my drive to them so I
can't state how well they did, etc.

Ontrack Data Recovery, Inc.
6321 Bury Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55346
Phone (612)937-5161
FAX (612)937-5750
Contact: Todd R. Johnson

Kerien Fitzpatrick Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Field Robotics Center (412)268-6564
The Robotics Institute Internet:
Carnegie Mellon University

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