SUMMARY: - Is there an automounter available for SunOS 3.5?

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Date: Fri Dec 14 1990 - 10:38:03 CST

My original posting was:

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Machine: 3/160, 4Mb memory, ALM-1 Serial expansion board.
SunOS: 3.5

I'm looking for an automounter that will run under SunOS 3.5 and will
accept the automount maps in the same form as the Sun automounter, and
will read the maps from NIS.

The problem is that with the ALM-1 and only 4Mb of memory I don't want to
have to upgrade to 4.1, but the /etc/fstab table now has somewhere in the
region of 30 entries in it, and if one of the machines is down ...

Thanks in advance... I'll summarise.

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I recieved three main suggestions:
1) Upgrade the memory of the 3/160 using a board which takes SIMMs.

> Solflower will sell you a board with simm sockets for a 3/160 for
> something like $600 (maybe even less if you bargain with them), so you
> might want to consider upping that memory to something more tractable.
> The simms themselves can be had for ~$50 a meg.

This raises an issue that I know was talked about on Sun-Managers recently
but which I don't seem to remember having a definitive answer:
    Can you run SunOS 4.1 (or 4.1.1) with an ALM-1 board?
    If anyone does please let me know!

2) Try amd (by Jan-Simon Pendry, available in the UK
   from ic.doc.
Unfortunately this does not seem to use Automounter maps which are
compatable with the standard Sun automounter, however apparently works
well (I haven't yet tested it) and it is easily available. This looks
the most likely solution.

3) Try to get hold of the Sun NSE produce for SunOS 3.5 which included
   an automounter, or attempt to beg/borrow/... the automounter alone.
This would be the nicest option if it uses the same file format
as the standard 4.1 automounter.

Thanks, in no particular order, to:

halstern@com.Sun (Hal Stern - Consultant)
Stefan Mochnacki <stefan@ca.utoronto.astro.centaur>
Andie Ness <>
"Anthony A. Datri" <datri%convex@edu.uiuc.cso.uxc>
Ian Angles <> (John M. Blasik)
Jim Budler <jimb@com.silvlis>


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