Re: le0: Transmission stopped (SUMMARY)

From: Andrew Patrick (
Date: Fri Nov 02 1990 - 14:22:00 CST

This morning, I wrote:
} Subject: le0: Transmission stopped
| We are loggin the following errors on a 4/60 (SunOS 4.0.3c):
| Nov 1 03:01:53 rick vmunix: le0: Transmission stopped
| Nov 1 03:01:53 rick vmunix: le0: csr: 0x2e3<TINT,INTR,INEA,RXON,STRT,INIT>
| These seem to occur only during a multi-user dump to a remote Exabyte
| tape drive. In an dump that takes 1 hour, 10 minutes we log about 5 of
| these messages, all of them identical.
| Does anyone know:
| What is causing these errors?
| Whether they are serious?
| How they can be prevented?

The answer is that this is a known problem and there is a patch
available. Some people sent me the readme file from the patch tape:

>This tape contains new versions of the Unix kernel object
>file if_le.o for SunOS 4.0.3.
>This patch contains a slightly modified 4.0.3[c] lance ethernet
>driver (if_le.c) and object files for sun3x (hydra), sun4 (stingray),
>and sun4c (SPARCstation1) as an effective patch for 4.0.3[c] lance
>xmit memory underflow ("transmission stopped").
>1. Increase LANCE_MIN_TU from 100 to 102, this effectively
> eliminates UFLO (!)
>2. Minimize leintr lance slave register accesses -
> this is also a factor in UFLO.
>3. Never print "Transmission stopped" or "memory underflow"
> error messages.
>This patch also fixes the panic: le0: RINT: Buffer owned by chip
> Sun-3x, Sun-4, Sun-4c
> 4.0.3
>Bug Report Id:
> 1029247, 1019513, 1029316 and 1021518
Thanks to the following people for replying so quickly:

        Leslie Dreyer <>
        Daniel Phaneuf <>
        Mark Morrissey <bit!>
        Jim Mattson <jmattson@UCSD.EDU>
        John Valdes <>
        creagh@Corp.Sun.COM (Creagh Yates)

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