SUMMARY: NFS write error 70

From: Leon Howorth (
Date: Wed Dec 05 1990 - 09:58:36 CST

I don't know if it is necessary to post a summary, but I will
anyway. If one checks /usr/include/sys/errno.h one will
find that Error 70 is

/* Stale NFS file handle */

Additional information is available through the command
man 2 intro (or by checking the appropriate manual.
A quick solution is to reboot the workstation
reporting the problem.

A couple of exerpts from the responses are as follows:

"errno 70 is a stale file handle. something is caused the file handle
held by the user to become stale -- is he nuking files in one window
and creating them in another, or moving whole directories with
files open? anything like this that jumbles inode numbers while
retaining pathnames (ie, /usr/local/foo suddenly has a new inode
because it was rm'd and then recreated) causes stale file handles.
removing directories and recreating them is the most common cause."

"Did the 4/390 get rebooted right before this error message happened? Error
number 70 is "Stale NFS file handle". This usually happens if the nfs
server gets rebooted with clients active."

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